My Dad was Neurodivergent and my Mom was Neurotypical

Talk about opposites attract! Looking back on my growing up years, I can see now why there was constant bickering, anger, disrespect, and secrecy. My dad (Ray) didn't understand my mom (Shirley) and Shirley didn't understand or even want to understand Ray. I have the same situation in my marriage, except we may both be … Continue reading My Dad was Neurodivergent and my Mom was Neurotypical

Inside Neurodivergence on Medium

New publication on Medium dedicated to understanding neurodivergence Writing = therapy Some people would disagree. Some would agree. So many different opinions. We could have a whole debate with these two simple yet profound words. Is writing therapy for you? It is for me. As my thoughts flow onto paper with my fingers flying … Continue reading Inside Neurodivergence on Medium

Hi, I’m Kathy K

and I'm neurodivergent. Huh? I myself woulda said huh a few days ago, until I came across the concept of neurodivergence while writing for National Mental Health Awareness Month in May. And it is what I am, through and through. So I want to continue writing about Mental Health, thus this blog. Easy enough, right? … Continue reading Hi, I’m Kathy K