It’s Been A While…

…since I’ve posted anything here. Why, you might ask. Or maybe you didn’t ask and I just thought you did. Whatever the case, I’ll tell you why.

The month of May was a lot of National Awareness this or that month, but the one I focused on was Mental Health Awareness. And I wrote an article a day since the 7th, posting them on Medium.

28 articles about mental health was an awakening for me about myself in many ways. Especially the fact that I’m neurodivergent, according to the definition. That’s in the list that I just gave you the link for. Check it out but only if you have time and energy to do so.

So May was gone and June followed and went by so fast that I didn’t even know it was June. So here we are in July and I’m back, I hope.

I also hope to hear from you and connect with you. Tell me about your May and June or anything else that’s on your mind.

Kathy K Neurodivergent Me

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