Focus and Pay Attention – Becoming More Aware of Me

Yesterday, my husband and I had a long talk about me. He confronted me lovingly with some things that he feels that I need to work on. And I agreed with him.


I’m out of focus. I don’t stop long enough to think about something, I’m impulsive, restless, spontaneous, rash. He said to just sit, don’t do anything, just sit.

Do you know how difficult that is for me? My ADHD kicks in every time. My mind swirls with random thoughts, I’m out of focus.

Be still.


This goes right along with focus but is slightly different. During the day, I don’t pay attention to what’s going on around me. It’s like I have my eyes closed and I turn inward when I get in public. That’s probably because of a lifetime of Social Anxiety Disorder, practice makes perfect.


Getting in touch with myself is difficult. Figuring out what I’m feeling is almost impossible because most of the time I don’t feel anything. Numbness. Apathy. Lethargy.

If only I could be more like Lucky. He focuses, pays attention and is ultra aware of his surroundings. A great example for me, if only.

Awareness is the path to change AND I’m on the right path

Thanks for reading – have a fantastic day.

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