My Dad was Neurodivergent and my Mom was Neurotypical

Talk about opposites attract! Looking back on my growing up years, I can see now why there was constant bickering, anger, disrespect, and secrecy. My dad (Ray) didn’t understand my mom (Shirley) and Shirley didn’t understand or even want to understand Ray.

I have the same situation in my marriage, except we may both be neurodivergent, I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. I know for sure that I am neurodivergent with ADHD, SAD, and MDD but I’m not sure about my husband. He’s been diagnosed with PTSD but I still have to find out if that is considered neurodivergent.

When I first joined Medium last November, I wrote this article about my dad – I thought he had a broken heart, which is likely, but more than that, he was neurodivergent. He thought and acted differently than what was considered normal.

I wonder if a lot of marriages have trouble because of a mismatch? One being neurodivergent and the other neurotypical? Just some food for thought for today.

Thanks for reading. Take care and stay safe.

Kathy K

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