Inside Neurodivergence on Medium

New publication on Medium dedicated to understanding neurodivergence

Writing = therapy

Some people would disagree. Some would agree. So many different opinions. We could have a whole debate with these two simple yet profound words.

Is writing therapy for you? It is for me. As my thoughts flow onto paper with my fingers flying over the keyboard, I feel like I’ve said something. Like I’ve expressed myself, for myself if for nobody else.

Sure glad there are keyboards now – it was tougher writing with pen and paper back in the old days. I’d give up way before this if I had to write it by hand.


A writing app. Never really thought about it before, but decided one day last November to search for writing apps. Found Medium, joined, started writing. Just like that? Yes, just like that, I’ve always been that way – impulsive, sometimes to my detriment. This time to my benefit.

I have ADHD, SAD and MDD, therefore neurodivergent. I’ve only come to realize this recently.

So back to Medium. I’ve written and published 110 articles/stories to date. I’m one of the editors for a publication called ARE YOU OUT THERE, created by Graham Cooke who has put together a truly wonderful collection of unique stories about travel, cooking, life and lots more. This was the start of the ideas in my head that won’t stop coming.

I’ve now started THREE, yes you read that right, three publications on Medium. The first two are branches of ARE YOU OUT THERE, part of the AYOT family. The first is all fiction, because I love fiction.

IMAGINATIVE FICTION OUT THERE – there are some great stories to read there. The second publication that I started recently is all about contests.

THE PROS AND CONS is the central hub for cash prize contests sponsored by AYOT. Anyone can sign up to enter contests anytime.


The third publication that I’ve started on Medium is not part of the AYOT family but a close friend to it. It’s in collaboration with extraordinaire mental health copywriter Micheal Woodruff that this publication was created, just this week, in fact.


My words almost fail me when I think about how the stories in this publication are going to affect people. Almost fail me, not quite though. There’s still more to say. As part of Inside Neurodivergence and also separate from it, Micheal Woodruff has created a YouTube channel just for reading stories written about neurodivergence.


If you’re inclined to write and want to try Medium, please use my referral link because it earns me about $2 per month just for you joining. I forgot to mention one other benefit of writing on Medium. You earn money, just for someone reading what you write!

Thanks for reading today. Let me know what you think!

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