Hi, I’m Kathy K

and I’m neurodivergent. Huh? I myself woulda said huh a few days ago, until I came across the concept of neurodivergence while writing for National Mental Health Awareness Month in May. And it is what I am, through and through. So I want to continue writing about Mental Health, thus this blog. Easy enough, right? Maybe so.

I’ve never actually written a blog before, but I’m guessing it has to do with thoughts and ideas. And I think that I can say pretty much what’s on my mind. But I promise to stick to the subject.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

What was the FIRST thing you noticed in this picture? Was it the tree, all three people, the person in the middle, the person on the right or left, the colors?

I first noticed the pattern!

The tree is semi-symmetrical and the people present a pattern similar to the tree. Do you see it? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. This is just one example of why I know that I’m neurodivergent (30%) as opposed to neurotypical (70%). By the way, the percentages are an estimate of the number of people in the world in each group.

I have ADHD. I think differently than 70% of the world. I don’t fit in. I notice patterns first. I’m good with numbers. I lose focus easily. And more. I am neurodivergent, I think differently…

This completes my first blog post, how did I do?
This is me treating Beris, my beautiful Akita. Harley the cat is also hoping for a handout. Sadly Beris is no longer a part of my family. He is forever missed and thought of.

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